Rain rain go away…

26 04 2010

I admit it; I’m a fair weather rider.

We haven’t had a whole lot of fair weather lately. So I haven’t been riding much either.

In fact, it’s raining right now. And I’d rather be riding.

We had a mild winter, barely any snow, which was great. But spring has been mostly cool and wet.

A shot I did for the paper last week, before the rain and wind knocked most of the blossoms from the trees.

When I did manage to squeeze an evening trail ride in between the showers last week, I pondered wearing tights because it was so cool; it’s almost May and I shouldn’t have to wear tights anymore.

It turned out shorts and knee warmers sufficed, because the trees buffered the cool breeze off the ocean; but we didn’t sure hang around for very long at our mid-ride rest point, the Jericho pier.

Oddly, it seems as I’ve been getting older, my enthusiasm for riding in any sort of marginal weather has been waning. Occasional showers during a ride never used to bother me; that’s why I have a rain jacket. But I got tired of all the post-ride cleanup of the bike, which often went longer than the ride itself. Let alone the discomfort of returning home soaked and cold.

Now I”m wary of heavy overcast. After all, those clouds could contain rain.

Back in the day, riding in the cold didn’t phase me; I had a closet full of jackets, long sleeve jersies, wooly socks and tights, gloves of various thickness, booties. Heading out in freezing temperatures was a badge of fortitude.

Now, anything less than 10 degrees C keeps me huddled in the condo. Especially in April or May.

Ironically, some of my most memorable rides have come when I’ve defied my climactic reticence; once you’re wet, you can’t get any wetter, and the cold can actually be invigorating if you’re prepared for it. But it’s just so hard to overcome the idea of being wet or cold or both.

Hopefully the forecast for the next few days improves; I’ve got to get my mileage up.