The spring of our discontent

7 05 2010

The spring of our discontent continues.

The calendar says May, but the weather is more like February. Rain, wind, hail, cold.

The result has been a slow start to my road riding season. Real slow.

Two years ago I rode 912 kms in the month of May. That was down a bit from the previous year, when I rode 963 kms. (Last year was a washout; that’s because we spent the first half of the month settling into our new condo, and the last half in Europe)

This year, almost a week into the May, I have exactly 32 road kms!

Switching to Daylight Savings Time early in April has been a boon to early-season riding, making it possible to rack up 40-50 km rides after dinner through most of a month that used to allow little more than a handful of daytime rides on weekends. But that advantage is negated when almost all the days of the month are gloomy, cool and rainy.

The weather may not be great for road riding, but an evening trail ride is still good for the legs, and a dramatic sunset.