The joy of socks

13 05 2010

Socks should be fun.

They’re probably one of the least considered items in your wardrobe, especially for guys. As long as they fit, don’t clash too badly with your pants du jour and aren’t more holes than fabric, we’re pretty much good to go in the footwear department.

Defeet is trying to change that.

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of their colorful, fun socks. It all started when I bought a pair at Mountain Equipment Co-op. They were comfortable, cool in summer, and nice and light for wearing while cycling or hiking. I had a pair of blue ones with little sperms swimming all around, a pair of orange ones with sunbursts, funky green ones that look straight out of the 1960s, socks with cows on them, and flags and crazy indistinguishable patterns. My favorites are the Tour de France socks, yellow with polka dot, white and green flags representing each of the champions’ jersies in Le Tour; only a true fan would recognize the significance of the design.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the controversial pair Katie has dubbed my “penis socks.” That’s because the design on them seems to resemble an erect male organ. Well, given the urban legend about the correlation between the size of a man’s feet and his, er, member, I suppose it’s only¬† fitting.

"Are those socks on your feet, or are you just glad to see me?"

For the record, I have to buy all my socks Extra Large.