May-vember showers bring June flurries?

31 05 2010

Katie and I completed our first duathlon on Sunday. We entered as a team; she did the running leg and I rode the bike. We won.

Of course, we were the only team entered. And it wasn’t an official event. But still…

Last Thursday, Katie announced she’d signed up for a 10 km run on Sunday, in North Vancouver. It would be her first race in more than two years. And it started at 7:30 am.

No worries, I said, at least as far as the race is concerned. But that 7:30 start time, that’s another challenge all together!

So early Sunday morning I packed the road bike onto the roof rack and we headed off to her run. She did great! No pains, a good pace considering she hadn’t really trained.

While she ran, I fueled up with a danish and orange juice in the Whole Foods market near the finish line.

When she finished, I headed out on the bike to Horseshoe Bay and then home, a ride that’s just shy of 85 kms.

What's wrong with this picture? I'm wearing a full jacket, knee warmers, full-finger gloves, and it's practically freakin' June!

The route along Marine Drive, through West Vancouver, Ambleside, Dundarave, and on to Horseshoe Bay is popular with Sunday morning cyclists. It’s twisting and undulating with some short, sharp climbs and quick descents. And there’s plenty to see, from spectacular views across English Bay or out across the Georgia Strait, to the multi-million dollar homes that cling to the cliffs over the water, to bald eagles in the treetops.

Horseshoe Bay is a popular turnaround spot for Sunday morning cyclists.

Even with the relative lack of riding this spring due to our ongoing May-vember weather and the almost two weeks lost to our New York vacation and a cold (which is still dogging me somewhat), I was able to maintain a pretty good pace, almost 26 kmh through the first 65 kms.

I faded a bit in the home stretch, but that’s probably because it was my longest ride of the season, and my legs weren’t used to working hard beyond 70 km. That will come. As long as the weather gets better.



2 responses

31 05 2010
Gerry Taylor

Good for you keeping your passion going inspite of the unseasonably cold weather. You are both brave and committed souls.

2 06 2010
Peter McDougall

Just wanted to wish you well after finding your site through a google search. I’m a teamD alumnus and (former) blogger. Not quite a “Gran Forno” but I’m off to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer (2 days, Toronto-Niagara Falls) as the guide (“Captain” of a tandem) for a blind participant. Cheers,

Peter, aka FreddyBeachPete

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