Crunching for numbers

8 06 2010

I love digits. I’m addicted to them.

They’re my motivation. They’re my justification. Sometimes they’re my ruination.

They amuse me. They enthrall me. They mock me.

I know I shouldn’t be this way, but I get a bit of a thrill watching the digits accumulate on my Sigma bike computer. Whether it’s ride distance, total distance, average speed, top speed, the higher those numbers get, the more I want to get them even higher.

I love watching those digits on my Sigma get bigger. That means I'm getting smaller.

And when I get home, I immediately enter those digits into an online ride log, so I can chart my progress, maybe even compare it to how others are doing in my age category or geographic area.

Tonight’s ride was short, 35.36 kms. But there was a lot of climbing, up and over Burnaby Mountain. It took me 1 hour and 35 minutes, for an average speed of 22.11 kmh. Not where I’d like it to be; it was only my second time up the mountain this season, and I think I tackled the climb too quickly after dinner.

My top speed coming down the mountain was 76.59 kmh.

Since I started logging my rides online late in 2004, I’ve ridden 27,871.2 kms. My best year was 2008, when I rode 7,415.8 kms, including four straight months in which I managed to better 1,000 kms. My best ever month was also that year, July, when I rode 1,600.6 kms.

I’m not sure what good all those numbers do me; they’re just neat to know. And they give me goals.

This year I’d like to crack 4,000 kms. That’s considerably more than I managed last year, my least productive full season since I started keeping my log. But it’s also less then I totaled the three seasons before that. It just seems harder to get all the ducks lined up to get out on the bike as I get older. Or maybe I’m just getting lazier.



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