A necessary evil

24 06 2010

Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

We’re finally getting some weather worthy of being called summer, and after some ambivalence earlier in the day, I left work with ride on my mind.

Katie would be at her running clinic and not home until later, the sun was out, the temperature balmy. I picked up some takeout sushi to minimize my dinner time, even changed into my cycling kit before eating.

But as I sat at the dinner table, I was overwhelmed by the crumb-bunnies taunting me from the countertop and the floor, the fingerprint smudges on the stainless steel appliances, and the dust on the mantle. The condo needed a good cleaning!

With Katie running five days a week now as she trains for her first marathon, and my own workdays busy to the point of exhaustion, the routine condo cleanups have been slipping a bit lately.

So off came the bike shorts and out came the cleaning fluids.

Sometimes cleaning can be good for the soul.

Nowhere near the calorie burn of a 65 km evening ride, but a clean condo gives almost as much satisfaction.



2 responses

25 06 2010
Germaine Taylor

This article holds a lot of everyday truths.

27 06 2010

i’m impressed Mario you are a gem!!!!

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