Slow and steady. Mostly slow.

28 06 2010


I was feeling every step from yesterday’s climb up the Grouse Grind during tonight’s slow and arduous ascent of Burnaby Mountain. Emphasis on slow, as my speedo dipped below double figures a couple of times.

The morning rain and continuing gloom made an evening ride seem unlikely earlier in the day, but as the sky brightened just before dinner, so did my aspirations to get on the bike.

As Katie was heading to yoga in the evening, I was unencumbered. And while the skies gloomed up again as we ate dinner, I was undeterred, although the grayness meant I’d have to scale back my notions of a longer 65 km ride.

A construction project on the overpass I usually use to traverse the railroad tracks at the start of my rides has necessitated some adjustments to my usual route. It took me a few tries to come up with a new exit strategy from our area that wouldn’t kill my legs completely on any of the multitude of hills that are the only way out of New West. The one I settled on may actually become my new start, as it’s steeper but much shorter than my usual route; two blocks of climbing instead of six.

The real problem is coming home.

All my hill options are really steep, often bisected by busy cross-streets. That means lots of stopping, which isn’t always easy on a steep descent.

The way home is paved with steepness. Too much of it in fact.

On one route, I almost skidded out when I had to jam on the brakes for a turning car. On another, my back wheel actually lifted off the road when I had to stop on the slope for a red light.

I’m still trying to find the right combination of streets with manageable traffic and gentler hills. But by the time I achieve that, the bridge to my old route will probably be fixed.



One response

1 07 2010

Mario you better ask the city to get some very much needed bike lanes!

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