Another day, another Grind

1 07 2010

It’s not supposed to be cold and showery on Canada Day.

But in this, our summer of discomfit, in which our plans for outdoor activities are frequently frustrated by the absence of summer weather, that’s exactly what we woke up to this holiday morning.

So, eager to get out, and work off our decadent breakfast of waffles and fresh strawberries and raspberries, Katie and I headed for the Grind.

My second ascent of Grouse Mountain this week, Katie’s first of the season.

Five years after her first Grind, Katie has become mean, pink climbing machine.

The Grind holds a special place in our relationship. It’s what we did for our first date-non-date, five years + 1 day ago.

She’d been hinting around the office for some time that she’d always wanted to try to the climb, but alas, she could never find anyone to go with. So, gallant gentleman that I am, I offered to take her, the day after Canada Day.

It was just going to be a casual climb by friends, but apparently Katie spent quite an amount of time primping and prepping herself before I picked her up. Her sister-in-law teased her she was going on a date.

Once we were on the climb, I was impressed by her plucky determination to forge ahead; she’d spent quite a lot of time in the previous year on the stairmaster at her gym, but nature’s stairmaster was something quite different, and considerably more difficult. On the way up we chatted about Hollywood gossip and made fun of the getups of some of the other climbers we passed – er, rather, who passed us.

I think that climb took us about 1 hour, 20 minutes.

I guess she was glad I didn’t manage to kill her, as we’ve been together pretty much since then.

Together at the top, forever.

Today Katie smoked that ascent in 57 minutes and I reprised the 50 minutes I did on Sunday.