If only Rosa Parks rode a bike, instead of a bus

12 07 2010

Women want to change their mood, they change their hair color.

Henry VIII changed his wives. Although not without a little blood being shed along the way.

Cyclists change their handlebar tape.

As much as I love white tape, it gets dirty real quick.

So I replaced it with orange.

Orange tape is flash. But it doesn't stay cleaner much longer than white.

I’m not sure what kind of mood the orange tape puts my bike in. White makes my bike feel fast, because it looks pro. Blue is reliable, like a trusty domestique. Black is a good GC color.

Orange is a little out there, a little flash. Maybe it makes my bike a flamboyant climber, like a Sastre. Let’s hope that character transfers to my legs next time I climb Burnaby Mountain.

When I got home from work the other day, there was a memo from the building management company slipped under our door. It was a reminder that bikes in the storage room had to be registered, and abandoned or unregistered bikes would be removed to free up more space. It also made a point of reasserting an alleged ban on bikes in individual units, the elevators or the lobby, none of which are mentioned in the wording quoted from the strata bylaws.

The timing of the memo is curious, as last Friday, after our Fort Langley rendezvous, Katie carried my bike up to the condo while I parked the car in the underground. As she traversed the lobby, the caretaker challenged her.

He’s never challenged me.

Before we bought this place, I read the bylaws front to back. Five times. The only bike prohibition mentioned was against storing them in common areas, which include balconies, the elevators, hallways, the parkade, the lobby, the stairwells.

We don’t store our bikes on the balcony.

When our bikes aren't on the road, they're safely in their own bike room.

Carrying a bike through the lobby or down the hallway is not storing it.

And what business is it of the strata to restrict what I can store in my suite, as long as it’s not a safety, fire or bio hazard?

Why is it that bikes are the only thing ever cited in such “rules” or bylaws? There’s never restrictions on wheelchairs, or strollers, or scooters, or Segways, or luggage carts, or dollies. Surely all of those wheeled objects are just as large, unwieldy or dangerous as a bike?

If it’s dirt and wear or tear they’re worried about, what about all the dogs that traipse in and out, perhaps with wet or dirty paws?

Plus, my bike doesn’t bite.

A google search reveals this problem is pretty widespread. In fact, it seems to be the default for most condo boards and property managers.

Somewhere along the way, bikes seem to have become a dirty word. For the longest time, transit systems didn’t accommodate them; although that’s now changing. Pack a bike onto a plane, even in a proper traveling case, and you’ll likely be charged an arm and a leg; yet large, cumbersome golf bags fly for free.



2 responses

14 07 2010

be careful Mario, before you know it you will be a part of the strata!

20 07 2010

Don’t give him any ideas mom 😀

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