Planes, train and beer

18 07 2010

If it’s noon, it must be Vancouver.

It’s been a whirlwind Sunday. Early this morning, Katie and I were in Edmonton, waking up to a rainbow over Jackfish Lake on the last day of our four-day getaway to the Klondike City. It was my birthday present to her; tickets to see Bon Jovi and Kid Rock in concert at Commonwealth Stadium, and a couple of extra days to visit her most favorite Uncle Herb and Aunt Elsie in Leduc – who are probably the wittiest, most sharp 90 year-olds you’d ever have the pleasure of meeting – and a little camping with her cousins once removed, Gail and Gord Hansyk, and their family.

Yes, I actually caught a fish! On my second throw of the fish rope from the fish stick! That must have been one dumb fish.

It was a great weekend, perfect weather exactly when we needed it, a fabulous concert, and wonderful conversation and hospitality. We even caught fish! Despite managing to get lost a couple of times in the interminable prairie en route to the airport this morning, we couldn’t shake the smiles from our faces!

Of course, the downside of getaways is the interruption it causes to training. Katie missed a couple of runs, and I missed at least a couple of rides.

So we had some mileage to make up when our feet hit the ground at Vancouver Airport this morning. Despite our travel fatigue from all the sunshine, long days and too short nights, we each kitted up right after lunch, Katie for a 19 km run around the Seawall, myself for an 86 km ride to Granville Island where we’d meet for a workout beer.

It’s always special when we’re able to arrange some sort of intersection of our training regimes; it gives us a goal and a chance to celebrate together our achievements on the road. It’s also a bit of a challenge to get the timing just right.

When I got to Granville Island, Katie was still on the opposite side of False Creek. I listened to a French busker for awhile, imagining myself to be in France. Then I headed along the Seawall trail to meet her.

Katie and I meet on the Seawall trail near Granville Island.

When I caught up to her, she was in fine form, with a big smile spreading from cheek to cheek; she was having a very good run, and I was midway through a very good ride. Seems the getaway had done our legs some good!

Recovery time; our reward for an awesome weekend away!