In the heat of the night

12 08 2010

It finally happened.

The shortening days are gathering momentum. Last night we had to turn on the lights for the first time on the return leg of our trail ride.

It's 8:30 p.m. and the sun is almost set.

That’s always the tipping point of summer. A few weeks ago we could bomb through the woods with plenty of daylight even at 9 p.m. Now the gloom closes in around 8:30.

The first few rides under the lights are always a bit of an adventure, as we get used to the shadows and limited range of visibility. That’s one of the reasons we stick to UBC; the trails are fairly easy without too many roots, rocks or potholes that could catch you out at dusk.

The trails at UBC are pretty easy to ride under the lights, but there are still hazards.

That’s not to say there aren’t hazards.

Some of the trails are used by riders from the local equestrian club; I don’t know what those horses are eating all day, but they tend to leave many large hazards right on the trail. And even with lights, those particular hazards are hard to see, especially when you’re bombing down a hill and your eyes tend to travel a bit faster than your beam of light.

Manure is not easy to clean out of knobbies.