Fuddle duddle

2 09 2010

Shhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits…

Friday, I caught four of ’em.

No, not in the Elmer Fudd way. And I didn’t travel to Victoria to help exterminate the burgeoning rabbit population on the university campus there.

I caught four rabbits riding ahead of me up Burnaby Mountain.

An unexpected cloud deck was bringing the evening gloom on quicker than usual, so the ride was all about quality rather than quantity. A loop up to the top of Burnaby Mountain is just shy of 35 kms round trip from home, but there’s 609 meters of elevation gain. So it’s a good 1.5 hour workout. Just enough to get home before darkness.

The first three rabbits were riding in a pack. They swooped in from a side road as I waited out a red light, one astride a Giant, another on a Trek, and their leader on a spiffy Willier. I  caught them just at the pullout where the mountain bike shuttlers stage to load up a pickup for their lazy assaults on the downhill trails.

The fourth rabbit had a good 700 meter lead on me.

So after a brief chat with my first conquests, and bidding them a good ride, I churned towards my next one.

I caught him pretty quickly, surprising even myself. He was aboard a sleek Felt, lean and mean, I rode his wheel for a time, then took the pull to the next intersection.

The presence of the Garmin on my stem has allowed me to unveil a whole array of information about my rides that I’d always been curious about, like how many calories I expend, my elevation gain, and the gradient of the various climbs on my routes.

My Garmin is filled with all kinds of interesting tidbits of data.

The ride up Burnaby Mountain, along Gaglardi, it turns out, is about seven percent average gradient, over five kms. The hill I take to climb out of New West at the start of my ride is 10 percent over 1.3 kms. The Cariboo hill is also 10 percent.

I’m not exactly sure how that information helps me, but it’s neat to finally know.



One response

3 09 2010

A Felt? You didn’t tell me you sped past a Felt! *Le Sigh* I want a Felt 😦

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