The clouds’ illusion

8 09 2010

The countdown to the Fondo is now more about hours than days. I’ll admit, I’m feeling a few butterflies in my belly.

Riding with so many other people is always a bit of a crap shoot as to where I’ll slot it, how well I’ll manage with so many people around, how I’ll measure up to those around me. And the weather forecast doesn’t sound particularly promising, so I’m nervous about such a long ride with so many people in rainy, slippery conditions.

But we must press forward.

My epic ride of Friday tweaked me to a few little faults in my Orbea that I thought best to get addressed before the Fondo; the chain hopped a couple of times while I was climbing in the little chainring up front, which I hadn’t bothered to replace when I got my drivetrain renewed earlier in the summer. After all, I’m all about the big ring, so it hadn’t seen much use.

But with my newfound love for the little ring, I brought my bike into the shop to get a new one installed, as well as get my rear derailleur adjusted ever so slightly to address a bit of a rattle in the first three gears.

When I got the bike home, I put it up on the stand and gave it a good cleaning, including the chain. At least it will look good, if only for the first few minutes of the ride if it’s raining.

Well, at least the Orbea will look good for the first few moments of the Fondo.

Wednesday I took my last pre-Fondo ride, a bomb along the trails at UBC on my mountain bike with Shanksman.

It’s getting dark so early now, the lights are on pretty much from the get-go of our ride, and getting used to the shadows and dark crannies of the woods in the darkness is like learning to ride all over again.

The bike lights have to go on right from the beginning of our rides these darkening days.

We were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset along the beach leg of our ride; the orange glow in the west seemed to last forever. Let’s hope the clouds sneaking in on the horizon are just passing through.

A beautiful sunset on the beach.