Goodbye summer…

22 09 2010

Summer is over. For real.

Those clouds in the attached photo are fall, which rolls in officially this evening.

Here comes fall.

It’s hard to feel a bit of melancholy at the change of seasons. No more dinners on the balcony. No more breakfasts either. No more new tomatoes on our tomato tree. No more fresh dill from our little herb garden.

But perhaps most sadly, no more evening road rides. There’s just not enough daylight anymore. And with road hockey starting this Sunday, that means I’ll be lucky to get in one good road ride a week for the next six months or so. If the weather cooperates.

After a number of days off to recuperate from the Fondo, I’m itching to get back on the road bike. It was pretty good to me this summer, more than 3,000 kilometers pedaled since the beginning of May; not the best ever, but more than all the kms I managed to accumulate last year. I’m feeling fit and svelte, just in time for our trip to Europe in October.

The immediate challenge will be to stay that way, especially since I hate the gym and the stationary trainer drives me insane. That means pulling on the tights, thermal gloves and booties whenever the roads are dry. It also means keeping the battery on my bike light charged so we can keep up with our trail rides out at UBC.

And sadly, it also means holding off on those cravings for Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs. After all, I just bought a new wardrobe at Banana Republic, I gotta make sure it still fits.



One response

23 09 2010

But the changing of the seasons brings the oh-so-pretty fall colours by way of the orange and red and yellow and green leaves! Yay colours!

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