Cannonball run

1 10 2010

On my way out of UBC along Southwest Marine Drive on Friday, I was passed in quick succession by a Porsche, an Audi R8 and a Ferrari. All of them were driven by young people, presumably students.

How the heck does that happen?

When I was going to university, I had to scrounge for bus fare. Who sets their kid up with a Ferrari to get them to and from campus?

Color me envious.

It was a spectacular day to ride. Or tool around in an expensive sports car, as it were.

Warm weather, blue sky, fall leaves; what's not to love?

It was also my first chance to get back on the road bike since the Fondo. And oh how I missed it.

After a couple of weeks in which I only managed a pair of evening trail rides on the mountain bike, it’s always a joy to get on the lighter, lithe Orbea and whip along the pavement. Knowing this would likely be one of my last road rides of the season meant every turn of the pedals was to be savored.

Rain and other busyness kept me off the road bike and confined to evening trail rides in the two weeks since the Fondo.

And, bank account willing, it may also have been one of my last rides on the Orbea itself. In eight riding seasons, I’ve put more than 30,000 kilometers into its orange and blue aluminum frame. It, the fork, the brifterss and the seat are about the only thing still left from when I originally bought it; over the years I’ve upgraded the entire drivetrain, the seatpost, the stem, the cranks and the wheels. It’s been a very good bike, a quick climber and precise descender, and even reasonably forgiving over the long haul.

But I feel like I’ve earned a new ride, something more current, sexier. Something made of carbon fibre.

The difficult reality is, though, that if you’ve already got a good bike, it takes a LOT of money to make replacing it worthwhile. I’ll have to see how my bank account fares after our upcoming trip to Europe…