A winter’s tale

20 11 2010

I need a winter bike. And it’s not even winter yet.

Since my rare November road ride more than a week ago. my Orbea has been a mess.

The roads were actually dry that day, except for a stretch of Southwest Marine Drive through UBC that never seems to dry after September 1 because of the shadow cast across the shoulder by the low fall sun. The sand and grit kicked up by my tires got everywhere.

Yes, that's fresh snow on the neighboring rooftops.

The cold weather and short days make it difficult to find the time and inclination to set up the workstand on the balcony and hit the degreaser. But with my bike sharing office space where I compose these very blogs, as well as other creative genius, its messy, grubby, sandy state was making me increasingly glum. I like a clean bike. I like the orange frame to gleam, the chain to sparkle. On many I ride I’ve been complimented that my bike looks like new, even though it’s got eight seasons of riding in it. And it’s probably why it still rides like new (well, that and a whole lot of new components over the years).

So this afternoon, with five or six centimetres of fresh snow on the ground, and the waning sun barely above the horizon, I bundled up and cleaned it up. The long-range weather forecast for the end of next week suggests it might be warmer and dryer, so another November ride could be a possibility. It has to be in good riding shape.

However, if the Orbea was my winter bike, and I had a shiny new Lapierre or Look or Pasculli hanging in the office, I wouldn’t have to fuss over it so much.

Of course, where I’d store it is a whole other problem…




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