Turkey trot

3 12 2010

Winter rides are like a turkey dinner. They’re so rare and special, your eyes end up being more hungry than your stomach. Or in the case of a ride, your thighs.

With the promise of a dry day and possibly even some sunny breaks, I inflated my tires in eager anticipation of a December day on the bike.

I've got a riding companion. The sun is so low in the southern sky, my shadow is riding beside me at noon!

It’s been three weeks since last I rode. The only real exercise I’ve had since then was two runs and three mediocre road hockey games. But that ride was great, my legs felt fresh and fast.

So as I headed out this morning, I fully expected a repeat of that performance.

I felt the layoff a bit as I ground my way up the first hill of the day, but after that I warmed up and sped up.

The snow has been gone for a week, washed away by warmer temperatures and lots of rain. But the roads were still a mess, muddy tracks in the curb lanes, grit from the sand put down by works crews during the snowfall. I stayed away from it all as best I could; no way I wanted to spend another hour cleaning my bike after the ride.

After last week's snow, the bike lanes are a muddy, gritty mess.

By the time I reached UBC I was starting to feel fatigued; this is a ride I can do in my sleep in the summer, but in winter, with only a few rides in the past two months, it was like starting from scratch.

Just after the turnaround, the lactic acid started to burn in my thighs. I wanted the ride to be over; why hadn’t I chosen a shorter route?

In the end, the ride stats weren’t impressive at all – 66.84 kilometers in just under three hours. But I suppose I should take some encouragement that it was the first time in three years I managed to get out on the road in December and I was more than 2 kmh faster today than on that ride.




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