It’s not really shopping

13 12 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

When I first accompanied Katie on a run up and down the waterfront a few weeks ago, there was only a handful of light displays mounted on the condo balconies. Since then, they’ve been multiplying, and the other night, there were moments when it felt like we were running through Times Square!

The lights along our jogging route on the waterfront.

Meanwhile, back at our own abode, it’s also been festively festooned. The live tree which we acquired last year and amazingly enough managed not to kill has been decorated. And our fireplace hearth has been framed by a bouquet of cedar boughs and a lovely cedar, berry and spangly branches arrangement.

Of course, all this hoho holiday cheer inspires crazed jaunts of Christmas shopping, some of which must be done while multitasking. During our run Katie decided she needed to get a couple of bottles of wine for gifts. It just so happens there’s a fine little wine shop right along our route. And wine bottles do have a similar shape and heft to barbells, so she could add a bit of a workout for her arms while running.

Katie's not shopping. She's multitasking!

So into the wine shop we went, sweaty and all. Now we’re not exactly wine connoisseurs, so wandering amidst the narrow aisles and abundant displays is always an adventure. Basically, we look for fun names, artistic labels, or a delightful backstory, then hope for the best.