Seeking motivation

17 12 2010

Milestones are a good motivator.

I initially didn’t have any intention to ride today. Sure, the forecast was for sunny, dry weather, but it was also supposed to be cold and windy. Instead, I planned to hit a couple of bike shops to see if they’ve got any of their 2011 stock in yet.

But that bright sunshine and clear blue sky sure was tempting. And the wind was now supposed to hold off until evening.

That's snow on those distant mountain peaks. Let's just hope it stays there.

Still, my motivation was lacking. It had been a slothful week. Last week I’d done three runs, plus a marathon three-hour game of road hockey.

But it was on that third run, 5.6 km with Katie, I felt something pinch in my left knee. It wasn’t enough to hobble me, but it nagged a little all week. And it reminded me why I’m not so keen for the running. Cycling is just way less stressful on the joints.

As the morning progressed, a huge internal war raged within me: should I ride and if I did, would it aggravate the knee issue?

Then I checked my ride log; a 66 km ride would give me 4,200 kms for the year. Not a record by any stretch, but a nice round number. And seeing as next Friday is Christmas eve and the following Friday is New Year’s eve, it would likely also be my last chance for a road ride this year.

So the milestone gauntlet had been thrown down.

It was a terrific day. The roads were dry and mostly clean, the air crisp and clear, the sunshine a soothing salve. Even a little road rage incident early on didn’t deter my joyous mood.

Apparently other cyclists also had milestones they wanted to achieve, as I encountered at least half a dozen; that’s a lot for a winter’s day. And I achieved my goal, with two extra kms to spare.



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