I am Irony Man

4 02 2011

Oh cruel cruel irony.

I should have ridden today. The thought crossed my mind. The overnight rain stopped early this morning, and it was mild – apparently record mild. Heck, the sun was even trying to break through the carbon grey overcast.

But the roads were still wet. And the wind was picking up. So that’s how I justified a “city day” instead of a ride.

It’s been a while since I had a “city day,” likely before Christmas. They can be good for the soul, surrounded by people all hustling to and fro with purpose, plenty of shopping to bedazzle the eyes and tempt the wallet, lunch out, maybe a movie.

Those were my intentions when I set out this morning. I remained steadfast, even as the sun cracked through to shine guilt upon my shoulders.

When I reached downtown, I took care of a couple of errands, fueled my belly with a veggie burrito, then my mojo withered.

The roads were drying, the temperature balmy. I couldn’t decide on a movie. I didn’t want to spend any money, as that could eat into my New Bike Fund.

All the way home, I tried to justify my cycling neglect; I’d walked a lot, I climbed stairs instead of rode the escalators, I really did need new underwear.

But I still felt defeated.

What's wrong with this picture???

So it was with no small measure of irony this evening that as Katie climbed onto her bike for an hour-long session on the trainer, I laced up my sneakers for a 40 minute run. Wait a minute, who’s supposed to be the cyclist here????




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