Turnabout 2.0

15 02 2011

Katie says she’s jealous.

That’s because I went for a run this evening, and she did not.

Instead, she’s cooking dinner!

Oh my, will the irony ever end?

Throughout our years together, Katie has made it quite clear she’s not about the cooking. Her culinary repertoire consists of eggs, and variations of eggs, with the occasional foray into pasta dishes for my birthday.

Katie's wearing her baking apron while cooking. But there is dough involved.

But last night she arrived home with a big shopping bag full of groceries and announced her Valentine’s gift to me would be dinner tonight (I cooked last night).

Now I have no idea what she’s making, but it does involve a lot of chopping of vegetables and poaching of chicken. There also appears to be some sort of dough involved. And every pot in the condo is being deployed.

While I’m enjoying the respite from cooking duties, I must admit, I’m feeling a little out of place. I’m just not used to being inactive early in the evening. In fact it’s a little disconcerting to hear Katie’s little expressions of exasperation or confusion as she wrestles with her chosen recipe. I offered to help, but apparently I am banned from the kitchen.

So I decided to go for a run.