On frozen pond

25 02 2011

It’s been a beautiful, sunny day. The roads are dry. It’s my day off. So why isn’t this post about today’s ride?

It's a beautiful clear day.

It also happens to be freakin’ cold!

So cold in fact, the water in the lagoons near our condo is freezing over.

There's ice in them thar fountains!

That doesn’t mean I didn’t think about riding. After all, it was gloriously sunny and dry. And after a week of sloth due to the cold weather, I was itching to get some exercise.

The roads are dry, but a little water on our garden hose is frozen.

But a few moments in the chill was enough to sell me on the idea of keeping warm today. All day the guilt gnawed at me.

As I drove around doing some errands before hitting a matinee, I kept an eye on flags and street banners, willing them to flap in a stiff breeze so I could chalk my lack of fortitude to a withering windchill.

But the breeze was barely discernable.

I kept an eye on the roads’ shoulders for signs of ice, or excessive salt, so safety could be my excuse.

But the roads were quite clean.

I drove past signboards with temperature readouts on them, willing them into double digits below zero.

Alas, they were only one or two degrees in the negative realm.

I convinced myself no sane cyclist rides when it’s below zero.

Yet when I was going to university in Ottawa, I would regularly bundle up to skate on the Rideau Canal when it was 30 below. And I enjoyed it!

Face it, 20 years on the West Coast have turned me into a wimp.

Guilt finally caught up with me late in the afternoon and I went for a run up and down the boardwalk.



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