My new left (and right) foot

11 03 2011

I’m not a runner. So today I shopped for running shoes.

My bottom-of-the-sale-bin Adidas have served me for¬† more than a year, playing road hockey, doing my non-runner jugs up and down the boardwalk. But one of the insoles is slipping out of place all the time, and I’ve noticed the bottom of my feet are really suffering from the pounding, especially after road hockey; I walk kinda funny the rest of the day.

So I resolved to get some new shoes.

Now I don’t know much about runners, except I don’t want to spend a lot. After all, I’m not a runner. I do like them to be fairly lightweight though, and no weird funked out soles.

With those criteria in mind, the shoe dude at the sporting goods store asked me if I pronate. Uh say what?

I know from accompanying Katie on her shoe shopping expeditions that some runners have ankles that turn their feet outward when they step down, and others roll inwards. As I’m not a runner, I’ve never given a moment a thought to my own situation. And frankly, I wasn’t about to start. Because, you know, I’m not a runner.

My new runners.

I spied a pair of Sauconys that looked good, felt light and were priced right. ¬†tried on my size, walked around a bit; they felt good. I got the hell out of there before the shoe dude asked me any more confounding runner-type questions that I couldn’t answer due to the fact that I’m not of the runner ilk.

Too bad buying a new bike isn’t that easy. Or that inexpensive…