Ides of March

17 03 2011

It’s almost spring, but you’d be hard-pressed to know it. Eighteen days into March and I’ve got one road ride in my legs so far this month.

That’s because it’s always raining. Or cold and windy.

At least the trees seem to think it's spring.

The trails are muddy bogs; even if we did get an evening without rain, it wouldn’t be much fun to ride them.

About the only upside has been the switch to Daylight Savings Time last weekend. Oh sure, losing that hour of sleep sucks bigtime (why we don’t move the clocks forward at 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, I’ll never understand), but the brighter evenings are a promise of after-dinner rides in the very near future.

In fact, when George Bush decreed the earlier switch to Daylight Time as a way to conserve energy, he added about three weeks to the cycling season; I can now start those evening rides in mid-April instead of early May. That’s about the only good thing that came out of his presidency.

It’s been a tough week in the loft.

Katie’s been suffering some foot and leg pain through most of her training for her next marathon; physio, massage and regular icing relieved it somewhat, but never eliminated it. So she sought a medical opinion. Tuesday she got the results of her bone scan: stress fractures. No more running for awhile, advised her doctor.

To say she was devastated would be an understatement. I was gutted.

She does so love her runs. So much so her running even rubbed off on me!

But it ain’t over ’till it’s over. And if there’s one thing I know, there will be no denying Katie her running goals.

For the next few weeks we’re going to rejig her training; rides on the trainer and out on the road when the weather finally cooperates, and a triathlon friend is going to introduce her to the joys of acqua jogging in the pool.

Meanwhile, she’ll keep icing, wearing her compression socks and strengthening her muscles with pilates.

She’ll be back smoking me on the boardwalk again in no time.



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