Quality vs. quantity

18 03 2011

At first blush, today’s ride looks like a bit of a cop-out; 35.35 kms barely qualifies as a ride. In July.

But in a wet, cold March even that modest distance can be a triumph.

As with most days this month, the weather forecast wasn’t particularly promising when I logged onto the computer this morning; overcast, cool, showers beginning shortly after noon. Plus there was a movie that intrigued me opening today.

It would have been easy to succumb to the less-than-ideal conditions and just fritter away the morning until I could catch Limitless at an early matinee. But that would have been a little hypocritical considering my ongoing lament about the lack of riding opportunities lately.

So I kitted up and hit the road about an hour earlier than usual, waiting just long enough for the morning rush hour traffic to dissipate.; I had about 2.5 hours to ride if I still wanted to make the matinee.

Already the clouds were thickening and darkening, the air was humid. I set out intending to do a quick, flat ride out to UBC, but urgency compelled me to test my legs up Burnaby Mountain for the first time this season; the kilometers wouldn’t be as impressive, but the quality of ride would still pay off.

Usually I wait until April before I begin the five km, 7 per cent trek up the mountain. By then I’ve got a few good rides in my legs so the steady ascent won’t beat me up.

Riding up Burnaby Mountain isn't hard in July, but it can be a bit of a test in March. But the payoff is always the same, going down (bottom right) at 70 kph.

But with my twice-weekly jogs this winter, I’ve felt less decline in my off-season fitness than usual.

This morning’s climb was an affirmation of that. No wheezing. No wobbly knees. No regrets.

As for Limitless, in which Bradley Cooper plays a failing writer who becomes addicted to a new drug that allows him to access the full potential of his brainpower, at the peril of dire consequences should his supply run out, it had an almost Fight Club vibe, with a driving soundtrack, compelling visuals and moments of fierce kinetic energy. In fact, like the drug Cooper ingested, the movie really sizzled when he was benefitting from its effects, but wallowed a bit when he was his usual slacker, writer’s-blocked self.




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