The wind at our backs

20 03 2011

It’s the first day of spring and Katie’s gimped with stress fractures; what better time to do a duathlon?

Actually, Katie’s regime today was more like a triathlon.

Since getting word that she has some stress fractures in her ankles and at least one shin, she had to waylay her running schedule. Instead, we’ve set out to maintain her training program with aqua jogging, pilates and cycling.

Up until today, the latter was on the indoor trainer, while watching television. Mind numbing to say the least, and the other day she did 1.5 hours! That’s positively catatonic!

But today’s sunshine and mild temperatures were beckoning us to ride in the wide world.

So after completing the running and swimming portions of her Sunday triathlon this morning with an hour of aqua jogging, and I returned from the road hockey leg of my duathlon, we set out for a 40 km flat spin out to Richmond.

It’s a rare treat to ride together in the middle of her marathon training, but that’s a silver lining to her current recovery. She’s come a long way since she used to mock my affinity for long rides, and it’s fun to share this activity, even if it is at a more leisurely clip.

Katie used to make fun of my rides; now she's out there with me!

The headwind was a little stiffer and brisker than we’d anticipated on the way out, so the workout was actually pretty substantial for a flat route. On the way back, of course, we sailed with the wind at our backs, pushing us past the curious ramshackle hillbilly shacks along the river, right alongside gated mansions.

It’s an odd place down there, in the lee of the city yet so very rural; there’s even a pasture with grazing horses.

I only wish I was celebrating a big win at the casino. I'm just happy we're turning around and will have a tailwind.

When we got home, Katie declared herself “tuckered.” But it’s a good tuckered, without any stress to her wounded legs. At this rate, she’ll have barely missed a beat when she gets back to running.



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