Spring flowers

24 03 2011

Spring flowers bring… the spring cold.

We finally got a genuine taste of spring this week, a couple of sunny warm days that made you want to pack away the winter jackets for good, break out the bib-knickers and go for a ride.

Except, it seems last Sunday’s pseudo-spring ride made me sick. I paid a steep price for that cold head wind. By coming down with a head cold.

Spring flowers bring the spring cold.

Ugh. And it had been such a healthy winter.

But when I awoke Monday morning with a niggling cough, I knew the gig was up. Sure enough, by the end of the day, I was in full-blown call-in-sick-to-work mode.

Two days of lolling in bed, and on the couch, in varying degrees of lucidity had me feeling energetic enough to make a return to work Thursday, although in hindsight, I”m thinking another day would have been advisable.

It truly sucks to miss the opportunity of those first warm, sunny days, with daylight lingering until almost 7:30 p.m. No rides. No runs. No nothing.

Even the prospect of a Friday ride is in peril, if my energy is still floundering.

The thing that really ticks me though; I should have known better. It seems this happens every year; we’re so excited by those first warming rays of sun, we underestimate our need for warm clothes and then bam, waylaid by a chill. I knew it part way through our ride when a little voice in my head, sounding suspiciously like my mother, said I should have worn another layer.

Silver lining?

It’s the first week of spring; there’s still plenty of fantastic days to come. The mileage can always be made up in April.