All bundled up with someplace to go

22 04 2011

What’s wrong with this picture?

It's still too cold to enjoy lunch on the patio!

It’s beautifully sunny. But there’s no people on the patio. That’s because it’s freakin’ cold!

I mean, it’s practically time for the Giro d’Italia, and we’re still bundling up in layers, tights full-fingered gloves and jackets. It’s as if spring has decided not to bother showing up; it’ll just temper winter a bit.

Meanwhile, in Europe, they’ve gone straight from winter to mid-summer, as it’s 25C in Paris, 24C in Ghent. Instead of rain, cold and mud at the cobbled Classics in Flanders, the riders had to contend with sunscreen and dust!

Today’s 70 km ride with Katie made one thing glaringly apparent; I’ve got to change my cycling wardrobe!

For eight years my riding garb was defined by the bright orange and blue of my Orbea. I love those colors, and, amazingly, I even manage to look good in orange, something not a lot of people can pull off. Plus, on the road, it’s like being a rolling traffic cone; no way any driver could excuse not seeing me!

Alas, the lovely Lapierre is sadly lacking in the orange department. Its red, white and blue accents give me plenty of options, but none of them involve orange.

Alas, the lovely Lapierre has no orange in her livery.

First up will be a proper FDJ team jersey; white with blue and red. Plus I’ve got my recently acquired Sky and Garmin-Cervelo jerseys, both of which are black with blue and white; but I’m not sure how couth it is to wear them while riding a FDJ frame.

I continue to be dazzled by the ride quality of the Lapierre; it’s so smooth and effortless. Despite some sections of rough pavement on our route, my arms and shoulders felt no fatigue, my legs had lots of jump; the kilometers ticked by as if they didn’t exist!. And the slightly longer top tube over the Orbea is working out perfectly, giving me a riding position a little more forward and over the bottom bracket, where I should be! Lapierre’s beauty is more than skin deep!