A spring beauty

25 04 2011

Well, that was nice. While it lasted.

Spring dropped in over the weekend. For a whole two days.

I took full advantage.

On Friday I took the Lapierre for her first major excursion, a 70 km ride with Katie. On Saturday I went a little further, 84 kms to meet Katie at the end of her 23 km run.

Lapierre catches some sun, and admiring glances, at Granville Island

The latter also included Lapierre’s first climbs, up the short steep grades out of New West, and then up the broken pavement of the Camosun climb at the edge of UBC.

All were as close to effortless as a ride be – the distance, the climbs, the descents.

With 200 kms into her, Lapierre is proving to be a beautiful ride, smooth, agile, quick, responsive. And she looks damn fine while doing it. So fine in fact, while pausing to enjoy the sunshine at Granville Island, a gentleman came over and after admiring it for a moment said, “you’ve probably got the only Lapierre in BC.”

Well, maybe not quite, as there is a dealer a few hours away. But it’s certainly a unique beauty in these parts.



2 responses

25 04 2011

Of course he refers to the guy as ‘gentleman’ after a compliment like that, a compliment, by the way, that I am prepared to be reminded of for the next 5 years!

26 04 2011

Hi Mario,

Accidently ran accross your blog and was impressed by the Lapierre. Can you tell me where you got it and how much it cost? I’d like have he 2nd Lapierre bike in Vancouver.

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