Selling it forward

4 05 2011

It’s hard to say goodbye to a beloved bike. But it’s also hard to hang onto it and just let it gather dust.

A bike should be ridden. A good bike deserves to be ridden.

So when a buddy expressed interest in my Orbea, it wasn’t a tough decision to sell it forward. Sure the Orbea and I had been through a lot of ups and downs together – up local climbs like Burnaby Mountain, then back down the other side. And it was the Orbea that conveyed me to my wedding, 90 kms on a beautiful fall Saturday. For eight years the Orbea’s color – orange – had defined me, ruling my cycling wardrobe and even some of my clothes off the bike.

In an ideal world, with unlimited storage space, the Orbea would have become my winter bike, set up with fenders and rolled out when the weather turns sloppy.

But she’s too fine a steed to languish in a closet for eight months and then abused with rain and grit and road crud. And frankly, I’ve never been one to ride in lousy, cold weather anyway.

Instead, the Orbea is forging a new MAMIL; that’s a Middle Aged Man In Lycra. Just as my old Rossi did a couple of years ago; her owner, RDM, has now graduated to a swank carbon Cannondale.

The Orbea is off to her new home, forging a new MAMIL

The Orbea’s new owner is stepping up from casual, occasional trail riding. But with some time soon to be on his hands, and a desire to pursue a more fitness-oriented lifestyle, he feels the calling for long kilometers on the road. As we’re about the same height, fit isn’t an issue, so who am I to deny a new roadie?

So far he seems pretty committed; he bought shoes, a tool kit, tire levers, spare tube and even CO cartridges. He called me after his first ride on Sunday, excited and little out of breath. I was proud of him, and pleased for the Orbea. I hope they share many great kilometers.