Back on the saddle

20 05 2011

After a week in Ontario, where the sun disappeared behind rain clouds on our second day never to be seen again, it was good to be back on the bike again Friday in the sunny warmth of the West Coast.

And it wasn’t just wet back east, it was also cold. Freeze-your-fingers-chill-your-chin-and-keep-your-wool-cap-on cold. Not the best conditions for Katie to run her half-marathon training run race in Toronto on Sunday. Maybe it was thoughts of returning to a warm car that propelled her to a personal best of just a tick over two hours!

As much as I love my Castelli wool cycling cap, I shouldn't be wearing it in May!

The cold and rainy weather wasn't much fun for Katie's half marathon either.

But even as the thermometer struggled to reach double digits, the warmth of family made the visit fun and memorable.

Now the training for the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo in October can begin in earnest.

As Katie was still on holiday in Friday, it was a rare chance for us to ride together on a weekday. I may have pushed her a little harder than she was prepared to go; she muttered something about just having run a half marathon four days ago. Oops, sorry.

Halfway through our almost 80 km jaunt we enjoyed a bit of a family reunion with the old Orbea, which seems to be settling in nicely with her new owner. She’s still a handsome ride, even with all that seatpost now showing.

The Lapierre and the old Orbea are about to ride together.

It’s always nice to share some ride time with a newly-converted roadie; their enthusiasm as they discover how easily and quickly they can get up to speed on their light, lithe ride is contagious, a nice reminder of the invigorating fusion of mechanics and muscle that is cycling. And, of course, it gives me a chance to further spread the culture of the road: the wave, the tricks of navigating traffic circles, the importance of the mid-ride lunch stop.



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