Fast as a pancake

22 05 2011

Somewhere deep in my soul, I’m certain there resides a Frenchman named Jean-Luc. Or maybe Hippolite. Riding my Lapierre, designed and built in Dijon, France has given him new purpose.

I’m sure my high school and university French teachers would be shocked to hear this.

On Thursday, Katie and I lunched at a cosy French bistro, Chez Meme Baguette Bistro. The chef is local, but his wife, who works the front of the establishment, is a Breton. I ordered in French. My heart  soared at the French musique playing softly on the stereo, my stomach smiled at the sublime Nordique, smoked salmon, cucumber and a slightly sweet/tangy sauce on a fresh baquette, every bite a taste of summer.

Sunday, sporting my newly-acquired FDJ jersey, to match my FDJ bike, I indulged in authentic Parisienne macaroons at a French bakery stand at the Sunday market halfway through my ride.

Canaliser mon Français intérieure

That ride was a quick out-and-back to the fishing village of Steveston. The route is pancake flat; the only inclines the two overpasses along the way, allowing me to cover the 30 kilometers to my destination in an hour.

The Lapierre visits the fishing boats at Steveston

It's PEOPLE!!!!!

The ride home was slowed a bit by a wrong turn and a cloud burst, the Lapierre’s first rain ride. The morning weather forecast had predicted “spotty showers;” alas that spot was right on top of me.

$%&#@ weather forecasters...