A marathon day

30 05 2011

Sunday was a marathon day. In every sense of the word.

We set the alarm for 4:30 a.m. so we could get Katie to her second marathon in plenty of time. I loaded the Lapierre onto the roof rack so I could easily criss-cross the course, cheering her on at various points. Then I’d ride the 80 kilometers back home.

While Katie might tell you otherwise, she did great, her second Personal Best in two weeks, after she set her premier time for the half marathon in Toronto during our Ontario holiday. A bunch of her family also came out to show their support which made the morning a whole lot of fun.

Katie hits the second half of her marathon; let the suffering begin!

But the timely arrival of her family cheering squad helped fuel her finish.

Then it was my turn.

After logging almost 40 kms chasing Katie around the course, I set out from her parents’ place for home. Combined it would be my longest ride so far this season, the equivalent mileage of last September’s Whistler Gran Fondo but without all those training rides in my legs yet!

The Lapierre gets a taste of country riding.

Sometimes it's just nice to get out of the city.

By the last 20 kms, my legs were in full-on protest. “No more!” they cried. “Noooo, not the Cariboo hill!”

But just as Katie had done in the last stretch of her morning marathon when her legs were seizing up and her belly rebelling, I soldiered on. And when we both downloaded our Garmins, the strangest thing happened; she’d run her marathon in 4:44 and i’d ridden my own personal marathon in the exact same time!