Emotional rescue

14 06 2011

Stop the roller coaster!

The Vancouver Canucks have been putting us through an emotional wringer this spring. After 40 years of futility that included two previous appearances in the Stanley Cup final in which they came away empty, they came into this year’s playoffs as the champions of the regular season and favorites to emerge as champions of the post season.

They seemed to have all the tools in place, a dynamic, speedy offense, a mobile defense, a goalie with an Olympic gold medal in his back pocket.

And while they’re poised to play in the seventh and decisive game of the final on Wednesday evening, they haven’t made their journey easy. Their offense mostly disappeared. The defense has been depleted by injuries. Luongo, their Olympian goaltender has proved to be as skittish and fragile as a porcelain doll.

Along the way they’ve managed to alienate almost the entire country with incessant whining about bad officiating and mean-spirited play by their opponents while taking their own nasty chops with sticks, gloves and even teeth. On Tuesday, the Toronto Star declared even if the Canucks do prevail, they’ll be the most unworthy champions ever.

But none of that has diminished the ardor and devotion of their fans.

Tens of thousands flock downtown on game nights to watch en masse on giant screens. We tried that one night, and while the vibe was mostly positive, we could barely see the screen, so we turned around and came home.

The giant tv monitor showing the Canucks' game is barely a speck, a block away.

Cars and trucks are decorated with flags. It seems everyone now owns a Canucks’ jersey. Windows are painted with their logo. So are people’s faces.

And in one West Side bicycle shop, there’s even displayed a special custom-painted Canucks’ Pinarello.

A custom Canucks' Pinarello

Go Canucks!



One response

14 06 2011

Alright, fine, keep in mind the origin of the newspaper that made that comment: Toronto. Maple Leafs. Need I say more? GO CANUCKS GO!

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