Looking for Bono Vox

9 07 2011

I was looking for Bono. Instead I saw two deer and a family of raccoons.

A change in my work schedule this week freed me up to ride Saturday, and after blowing off my usual Friday ride in the hope the weather would get better, I intended to take full advantage.

Friday has been windy, cool and mostly overcast. Saturday was perfect, sunny, not too warm nor too cool, no wind.

I wrestled with my route choices until the last possible moment; head east into the countryside, or head west in hopes of a Bono sighting.

About a month ago, in the thick of the Canucks’ playoff run, a young player for the Edmonton Oilers, Gilbert Brule, who’s originally from Vancouver, was driving out towards Horseshoe Bay along the seaside route to walk his dog. Actually, his girlfriend was driving and he was riding shotgun. It was starting to rain when they passed a couple of hitch hikers in sweats, walking forlornly along the side of the road. The hockey player/passenger said one of the hitch hikers looked like Bono of U2. He asked his girlfriend to pull over; but she would have none of it.

Horseshoe Bay: destination of the (rock) stars?

Now, the possibility that it really was Bono wasn’t as far-fetched as it might seem; the band loves Vancouver – they rehearsed their Elevation Tour here and they often use the city as a base when they’re on the West Coast – and with a concert in Edmonton followed a few days later by a show in Seattle, a palatial rental home along the rugged West Vancouver coast made sense. Lots of celebs encamp there when they’re in town. Bono in sweats, however, that’s a whole other story!

After imploring his girlfriend they should turn around and at least see if it really was Bono, she finally relented – “I just wanted to get him to shut up about it,” she told a local sports radio talk show. As they pulled up behind the pair of pedestrians, the player called out, “hey Bono!” and sure enough, it was the lead singer of the biggest rock band in the world who turned around. Apparently he and his assistant (you mean Bono and The Edge don’t hang out 24/7????) had decided to go for a walk but got caught in the rain and just wanted to get back to their home away from home.

Of course the player and his gobsmacked girlfriend obliged and for their good samaritan deed they were invited by Bono to come up to Edmonton for their show the next night, get backstage and hang with the band. They even got a shoutout from Bono during the show!



Alas, I didn’t recognize any celebs on the sidewalk or even riding bike as I rode the rollers out to Horseshoe Bay.

But on the way down Burnaby Mountain, booking it at 70 kmh, I did zip past a couple of very large deer grazing right along the roadway. I shudder to think what could have happened had they been startled by my sudden appearance and decided to bolt in my direction.. Sadly, I was going too fast to catch a photo

And similarly careening down a hill in Stanley Park, I spied a family of raccoons ambling awkwardly towards the roadside. Again, I was moving too quickly to pull the camera out; beside, raccoons can be nasty creatures, so it’s best to just leave them alone.



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