The easy road

27 07 2011

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Or easy kilometers.

Any cyclist who tells you they don’t appreciate the occasional soft pedal is either lying or a masochist. Whether it’s a flat, fast ride, cruising in the slipstream of a passing vehicle, or tagging along at the tail end of a pace line, the easy ride is the road to salvation and recovery for most cyclists. Heck, just ask any sprinter like Mark Cavendish, who hide out in the peloton all day until they have to fire their fast twitch muscles in the last explosive 300 meters of a long day on the bike.

A true fixie, affixed to the sidewalk in front of a bike shop in Steveston

After pedaling almost 600 kilometers last week, some of them in a driving rainstorm, many of them up and down hills, including the knee-bursting 25% incline of Killer Hill, I felt I’d earned an easy go on Wednesday. Plus there was the added incentive that the pan-flat route to lovely Steveston was just long enough to put me over my 1000 km goal for the month.

It’s getting harder to get significant rides in after dinner; the days are getting noticeably shorter. We haven’t even had summer yet and we’re already fretting about the imminence of fall.



One response

1 08 2011

A thousand kilometers in a month!!! I’m happy if I manage the same amount in the entire summer.

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