Summer detours

3 07 2011

Summer is construction season. Detours are inevitable.

I sacrificed my usual Friday ride to work. It was Canada Day, which meant community festivals galore, as well as an international track and field meet to cover. Saturday, Katie and I celebrated the sixth anniversary of our very first date non-date by reprising our climb up the Grouse Grind. It’s become a bit of a holiday weekend tradition.

The summit of the Grouse Grind: Hurts so good.

She impressed me then with her determination and resolve to tackle the challenge rising above her, and I’m bursting with pride every time we go as she ascends faster and more confidently. This time, or first of the year, she set a new personal best by 37 seconds! I think I’ll keep her.

But with two early mornings of watching the Tour de France already behind me, I was itching to get back on the bike.

The Tour de Cinque Ponts threw me a few wrinkles. My usual route to UBC was closed. I’d seen the signs announcing the closure last week, but frankly, I’d forgotten. This is a serious construction project that will likely divert me and other cyclists who use that busy route for weeks.

This is a serious road closure; it even bans bikes.

Once I’d gotten around that, I was confronted by more orange pylons and warming signs out at the university grounds; a triathlon had taken over the road! Oh, cruel irony.

An important detour; lunch!