Full moon riding

12 08 2011

My first clue was the Segway.

Cruising along Marine Drive this morning, I spied a guy on the opposite side of the road walking his dog while riding his Segway.

Then at an intersection I got stuck behind an ambulance. Next to getting stuck behind a garbage truck on a hot day, getting stuck behind an ambulance can be a bad omen.

Being stuck behind an ambulance feels like a bad omen.

Then there was the Hare Krishna world tour.

If Hare Krishnas have a tour bus, do they also have roadies?

But I stayed the course. My legs were feeling good, and the Lapierre was feeling particularly swift and lithe.

Even getting wheel-sucked by a guy with panniers didn’t diminish my riding moo. Although, after riding my slipstream for a good 10 kilometres, including one significant climb, he could have at least offered a thank you for the tow when he finally peeled off.

After all, it’s a full moon, and weird stuff happens.

We’re finally locked in for the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo on Oct. 1.

Our original plan had been to do it as a road trip, drive to Northern California via the Oregon coast, then a few days post-Fondo in San Francisco. But the prospect of such a long, arduous drive was causing me angst. So much so, that I dithered. Almost to the point of bailing altogether.

But after discussing my trepidation with Katie, we decided to check out the flying option.

It’s been a while since I flew with a bike. The rules and cost with various airlines can be all over the map. Of course the fact we have to pay anything at all, when golf clubs fly free, is pretty ridiculous. Haven’t the airline companies heard, cycling is the “new golf?”

Anyhow, it turns out the road trip and flying options are a wash, cost wise. But, of course, the latter is a lot quicker; two hours in the air, plus an hour to drive up to Santa Rosa, versus four days. So that’s what we’re going to do, a couple of days before and after the Fondo to relax and visit some wineries. We’ll be staying in a guest house cottage in Forestville, about 20 kilometres from Santa Rosa.

The distance of the Fondo, 100 miles, still concerns me, as I’ve never ridden that far before, and I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance before we go. But if my legs today are any indication, I think I can do it without too much trouble.

Despite the relative lack of summer weather, it’s been a pretty good season for cycling, without any days lost because it’s too hot. And my mileage is slightly ahead of last year’s pace for the Whistler Gran Fondo, which was 30 kilometres shorter.

Now it’s time to start monitoring theweathernetwork.com.



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