Sharing the road

21 08 2011

Sharing the road is a pretty fundamental concept to safe cycling. More and more communities are erecting signs along busy thoroughfares reminding motorists to share the road.

In Maple Ridge, a rural bedroom community east of Vancouver, local school kids have painted unique signs that are erected along some of the busier roads reminding drivers they aren’t the only vehicles on the road; there are also cyclists, pedestrians, wildlife, tractors, kids at play, horses.

A heartfelt civic project in Maple Ridge that isn't really heeded by motorists

Too bad the motorists don’t really heed them.

My buddy RDM and I were buzzed by an endless parade of SUVs and wide-ass pickups hauling boats as we hugged the non-existent shoulder en route to Golden Ears Park. Maybe they were in a rush to get to maximize their time on the lake because it was one of the warmest days of summer. But if that was the case, they should have already been there, as it was already one o’clock. Guess they were sleeping off their Labatt Blue hangovers from Saturday night.

A salute to our destination on one of the hottest days of the summer

The entrance road to the park is one of the nicest pieces of pavement in the Lower Mainland, a smooth, undulating aisle of hardtop through a cathedral of majestic second-growth forest leading to a mountainous pulpit. It’s guarded by a mighty goat that, apparently, we must salute for good luck. First I’ve heard that, but why tempt fate?

A beautiful drive, an even better ride



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