Out with the old…

25 08 2011

I hate cell phones.

Loathe them as a matter of fact.

Mostly because I can’t figure them out.

And it’s not like I’m some luddite technophobe.

I love technology. I can wire a home theatre setup like there’s no tomorrow. In my former bachelor pad, I even had a 7.1 sound system. I still have an HD-DVD player integrated into my current setup.

I’m perfectly comfortable in front of a Mac computer. I can sort and stumble my way through new software without cracking open manuals.

Digital cameras, wifi, bike computers, I’ve conquered them all.

But the lowly cell phone continues to vex me. Maybe that’s why I resist acquiring one of my own. Well, that and the outlandish rates extorted by Canada’s cell phone pirates providers.

All the cell phones I’ve ever had in my possession have been from my employer. I’m out on the road a lot, and that’s how reporters can get a hold of me with new assignments, or further information about the assignment I’m headed to.

I had my most recent cell phone for seven years. Compared to the current generation of phones, it was a relic; it had a tiny screen, no photo or video capability, it could barely do texting. But it was rugged, with rubbery gaskets all around that allowed it to bounce if I dropped it. Which I tend to do. Often.

The half life of cell phones these days is about three weeks, at which time a newer model is released with even more features and gimmicks that have nothing to do with actually making a phone call.

Do I really want to use my cell phone to play music? Make lottery picks? Watch movies? Tell me where to go?

The old cell phone brick has been replace by one that's not an iPhone

I just need a cell phone on which I can reliably make and receive phone calls, the occasional text, and email would be nice.

Oh yeah, and the ability to download new ringtones; I’ve got my ear on one that sounds like the horns used by the procession of cars that accompanies the riders in the Tour de France!

I’m hoping the new cell phone which was bestowed upon me the other day can do that.

It’s no iPhone, but the numbers in the little display are HUGE; the numbers can be seen from space, I’m sure.

Thank goodness Katie was around to help me figure out how to make make a call.