On this day…

12 09 2011

It was a milestone weekend.

Saturday was the second Whistler Gran Fondo. I opted out after being a part of the first one. With the Leipheimer Fondo three weeks away, I figured one Fondo a year would be plenty. But when my buddy and occasional riding partner RDM scored a late registration and then sent me a photo from the start corral early Saturday morning, I felt a pang of regret. It would have been a perfect training ride!

I may not have ridden this year's Whistler Gran Fondo, but I did catch Bob Roll and Alex Stieda at the Velo-Spoke expo.

Sunday was, of course, the tenth anniversary of 9/11. That crazy morning has been in my thoughts a lot lately. Perhaps it’s our proximity to the flight path to YVR, or my regular riding route that now takes me right below so many planes on final approach to the airport. Whenever one passes overhead, I can’t help but have a momentary remembrance of that famous film footage of firefighters tending to a suspected gas leak in Lower Manhattan when a huge roar passes them overhead, they look up, the camera pans up and catches the first jetliner streaking towards the World Trade Center.

What followed was such an incredulous, horrific day, filled with so many emotions, thoughts, questions.

A lot of them have been flooding back in these days leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, and even ten years later they still feel so raw, momentous, unresolved.

And Monday was perhaps the most important milestone of all; our second wedding anniversary.

Every morning I wake up and marvel that Katie is in my life. Every night I close my eyes happy and comforted that she’s beside me.

In between we share plenty of smiles and laughs, share adventures, formulate dreams, find inspiration from each other, push each other to be better people. It’s hard to remember my life before her. It’s impossible to imagine my life without her.

Happy anniversary babes!

Her smile lightens my heart. Her laugh just makes me want to make her laugh more. Her quiet words of support when I’m having a bad day lighten the darkness.

Happy anniversary Katie!



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