Rides to treasure

15 10 2011

Getting back to the regular routine after a fabulous vacation is always an arduous and agonizing process.

Going back to the old ride routes after an epic Gran Fondo like Levi Leipheimer’s in Santa Rosa is the cycling equivalent of lunchbag letdown. Although the crisp fall weather always gives rides this time of year a special quality.

Catching the tail end of a paceline.

With limited opportunities to get out, now that the sun is set by 6:30 p.m., and Sunday’s are now dedicated to road hockey, every fall ride at this time of year is like a treasure. Even if you’re not really feeling it; the air is clean, the light soft, the colors vibrant. The familiar takes on a new hue.

The familiar scenery of beloved routes takes on a new quality in fall light.

When you clip into the pedals, you do it with a sense of urgency; you never know if this will be the last ride for a week or two or even a month. You ride, you smile, and you hope you’ll be able to do it again real soon.

Dazzling fall colors.



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