Inevitable lament

23 10 2011

It was bound to happen. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

This was the first week since the end of March that I haven’t ridden the bike at least once. The road riding season is most definitely over. From here on it I’ll be lucky to get out the odd Friday that happens to coincide with nice weather, dry roads and no pressing errands to run.

Otherwise, it’s five months of screwing up the resolve to venture out into the dark and cold of night for trail rides with lights.

During our week in California I found myself intensely jealous of cyclists’ ability there to ride year ’round. In beautiful surroundings.

The Lapierre doesn't look nearly as sexy on the bike rack as she does on the road.

I love our seasons. Each has its own special quality that brings variety to the year, to our daily routines.

I’ve never been inclined to doubt that, never really desired to live in a place that is warm and mostly sunny 12 months of the year. Until now.

Maybe it’s my advancing years. I love being bike fit. I love being on the bike for four or five hours, then rewarding myself with an ice cream or cake treat, guilt-free.

But despite my best intentions, it’s hard to maintain that through the cold, wet and dark winter months. The indoor trainer is mind-numbing, even when watching TV. I loathe the gym. Running with Katie up and down the boardwalk is fun, and it certainly helps my sense of well-being, but it’s just not the same as 100 km on the Lapierre.

Then again, just like our seemingly annual debate at road hockey whether the game should continue through the summer, having an off-season makes you appreciate the season even more. Maybe instead of lamenting my Week Without Cycling, I should look at it as a celebration of the season just passed, a season in which I rode 4,896.6 kms, more than 600 kms better than last year. And with at least a few rides likely to happen before the calendar flips to 2012, I should be able to surpass 5,000 kms. That’s a nice round number.