Thrill of the chill

16 11 2011

Baby, it’s cold outside.

If The Big Ring has seemed a little spare lately, well, that’s because there’s not much riding going on. Oh sure, there’s the odd run here and there, but I’m not a runner, and this isn’t a running blog.

November gloom has settled in. It rains a lot, snows occasionally. And the single-digit temperatures mean lots of layers when the rare opportunity for a ride does present itself.

Lots of layers ease the cold, but don't eliminate it.

Of course, the hardest part of taking advantage of those opportunities is actually getting out the door. Staying inside where it’s warm and dry is awfully tempting.

But the payoff for overcoming that inertia is always worth it.

The chilled air burns the lungs and bites the cheeks. The orange, yellow and red leaves that blanket the trails crackle beneath the tires. As you burn amidst the trees, the world beyond the headlight beam ceases to exist; it’s just you and the ride in the cold.