The morning after

26 12 2011

All the build-up, all the hype, all the anticipation, all the preparation, all the shopping. And then poof, Christmas has come and gone.

In our years together, Katie and I have developed our own Christmas traditions, a Christmas eve outing, followed by a German dinner of rouladen, potatoes and brusselsprouts, then huddling around our modest tree to exchange gifts. It’s our time together.

This year's Christmas eve outing, to the twinkle lights at Vandusen Gardens.

The festive display at Vandusen Gardens.

I asked for, and received, the Steve Jobs' biography. But Katie knows I don't read, so she also got me the abridged Time magazine version!

Coming soon to The Big Ring, video!

On Christmas day it’s all about family, a raucous ever-growing gathering of Katie’s siblings, their families and whoever else manages to secure an invite to the Fleming’s rural homestead where Katie’s mom and dad put on a magnificently sprawling spread of turkey, ham and all the accompanied fixings that leaves everyone collapsed on the couch or floor because it’s so delicious and we’re so stuffed.

This year we added a new wrinkle’s anticipation of the feast to come, Katie took me on a Christmas morning run, our second in three days. And, sensing my frustration and unrest over the lack of cycling lately, she’s pulling me along for longer distances, up to five kilometres.

A little stair training halfway through our new Christmas tradition.

Of course for her, she of the two marathons and a handful of half-marathons and 10K’s, such a distance is barely worth strapping on her Fuel Belt, but it’s only four or five years ago when she trained and ran her first race, a hilly 5K on a brutally cold and frosty March morning in Mission. Not that I plan to follow in her footsteps to marathon pain and suffering…