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3 01 2012

Oh bike, how I’ve so missed you.

December was a bad month for riding. Not that it’s ever really a good month; but in 2010 I did manage three decent road rides and a couple of evening trail rides.

This December, the Lapierre stayed warm and dry inside, while the Kona did get a couple of opportunities to ride the mud and fallen leaves.

Instead, runs were my exercise salvation, including a spirited sprint of 5.6 ams as plotted by the Princess of Pavement on New Year’s Day. Not a bad way for this non-runner to start the new year, with my longest run ever!

Grimly en route to the longest mile, er 5.6 kms

Oh woh, we're halfway there...

But with this last holiday morning dry and the temperature not too inhospitable, it was time to ride again. And play around with my new toy, a Contour GPS HD video camera, one of those micro units that can be attached to pretty much anything anywhere.

The Big Ring's hi-tech cockpit

As if being a cyclist and photographer at the same time isn’t complicated enough, being a videographer while trying to get in a good ride is truly a multitasking challenge. I’m guessing it will get smoother and quicker as I become more familiar with the equipment and more confident in my storytelling abilities. So here, in all its widescreen glory is my first Big Ring video production, albeit it a little truncated as overestimated the capacity of my memory card:

First ride: 2012



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3 01 2012
Road races, mud races, cycle climbs, tris, oh my |

[…] if you want a real treat, go over to Big Ring’s blog and check out his first video production of his recent mountain biking adventure with the Garmin […]

4 01 2012

Hey!! Excellent video!!! How do you DO that!!?? Like you wuz ridin’ on AIR, I mean!! I especially liked those wheel-view shots where the wheel wuz bouncin’ like a madman – but the video was so SMOOTH!!
And so many different set-up shots!!
I think that impressed me the most – gave the video a “professional” feel.
I would NEVER have thought of doing that!!
Which is probably why I have stuck to pencil and notebook, lo these many years 🙂
Anyway, excellent, truly excellent. I enjoyed watching to see what you would do next 🙂

4 01 2012

makes a person want to own and ride a bike!!

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