Ode to a winter’s ride

13 01 2012

O Lapierre, how I’ve missed you so.

It’s been more than two months since last I stood astride your lithe silhouette.

And though it was cold enough to glaze the streams and sloughs, the sun’s glow and the thought of mounting you warmed me

Preparing for our rendezvous was no small task

A cacaphony of layers pulled from the closet and drawers

Each warmer than the last

First one shirt, then two than three

The booties pulled tightly over my shoes

The flaps of the cap beneath my helmet pulled down over my ears

Heavy gloves formed snugly over my fingers

We clip-clopped to the elevator for our date with destiny

O how I’ve longed for this reunion

however brief it may turn out to be

And so we set out on our sojourn

Legs pumping, out united selves thrusting forward along the chipped and gritty pavement

It’s been dry lo the past three days, but still there is grime and cinder

Lapierre, soiled by the winter's grit

The occasional patch of frost of which to be wary

Nostrils burn

Chest heaves

Eyes tear

Leaden clouds slide in from the western horizon

Could they be bringing snow?

We press on

past familiar shoreline and brush, the leaves brown in their winter crispness

Ducks huddle together

Crows converge of road kill rats

The passing trucks give us wide berth, surprised to see us perhaps?

I can feel you beneath me, yearning to go faster, farther

as we had so often in the blush of summer’s warmth

But the hiatus has not been kind to my thighs

And the cold air is beginning to penetrate my layers

Just shy of 20 kilometres, it’s time to turn around you and I, to retrace the steps of our flirtation

This is how it had started many months ago when first we met

This is how it starts again, our second season together

Who knows where the road will take us…



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