Enough with the stinky shoes!

12 03 2012

Have you had enough the smelly shoes?

I know I have.

But the rides have been few and far between lately, and as I’m not a runner, it’s just wrong that there’s so many running posts on this blog. It’s been that kind of winter.

We barely had any snow, but it seemed the good weather days never coincided with my days off. The result, one measly road ride in January, none in February, not even a trail ride. It didn’t help that I was dogged by the remnants of a cold for about five weeks.

I was miserable.

But Thursday, the stars finally aligned. We’d had a few consecutive dry days, the temperature was reasonable and the riding buds were willing. So we hit the trails at UBC.

Back on the bike, woohoo!

It was sublime. The cool air burned my lungs, still suffering from a bit of a cough from that stubborn cold. And the legs were depleted from the winter’s sloth. But the decent to the beach was fast and assured, the climb back up slow and steady.

Officially spring is still more than a week away. It can’t get here fast enough. And it better bring some good riding weather with it.



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