A long time coming

25 03 2012

After interminable days and weeks of dismal damp and cold weather, the sun finally came out, the roads were dry, it was even reasonably mild. It was time to clean the dust off the Lapierre, lube the chain, squeeze-test the brakes and… go to a movie. RIDE!

Nothing fancy or too arduous; have to limber the legs and build the ass callouses first. Our modest peloton of three opted for the fast, pan-flat route to the seaside burg of Steveston, a perfect turnaround for lunch and a celebratory beer on the patio. Here’s how we did:



3 responses

26 03 2012

1. please make more videos!
2. I loved that cute song
3. the crotch shot was my favourite

26 03 2012
Jessica Peters

1:34 mins in, I just about had a heart attack! Nice video, great song!

26 03 2012

Having been shot between Mario’s legs, I feel a little bit dirty.

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