Chaos theory

7 05 2012

“Hey Big Ring, we thought you were dead?”

“Hey Big Ring, did you fall off your bike?”

“Hey Big Ring, did the Camosunberg eat you for lunch?”

Everywhere I go, these are the questions and comments I’m getting. Yeah, yeah, the Big Ring has been quiet since those epic seven ascents of the Camosunberg. That’s because we’ve been busy.

Instead of traveling to exotic Euro locales this year, we decided to throw our disposable shekels at getting the condo painted. Since then, it’s been three weeks of chaos. Breaking the condo down, taking things off shelves and putting them into boxes, moving furniture, storing pictures. It’s like moving without going anywhere.

Living in a loft is cool and funky and oh so stylin, but getting paint to those 17 foot ceilings and walls is better left to people who know what they’re doing, or who have more confidence on ladders than I do.

Painting is as painful as moving, but without going anywhere.

So Princess of Pavement disappeared for the duration, and I made myself scarce, hitting the road on the Lapierre at every opportunity.

The spring weather has been decidedly dismal; full tights and four layers at the beginning of May just isn’t right. But at least we finally had some dry days. That allowed for an early-season crack at the first Tour de Cinque Ponts, some fine lunch stops at Mix Bakery and a bit of a new twist, a weekly group ride! More on that in another post.

Mix Bakery is a favorite lunch stop…

for it’s oh-so-tasty tuna waldorf sandwich.

Giebelhaus gets his first taste of the Tour de Cinque Ponts.